Relationships are like roller coasters

Relationships are FUN.
Well, relationships are more than that just fun. The roller coaster metaphor – we think – is a good one to explain long-term relationships. All relationships go thru ups and downs and sometimes it’s hard to go up after a down period of time.

Fireside Chat with Irene Fehr

I had the pleasure to talk with Irene Fehr about differences in desire in the relationship, about staying present during sex and about connecting with the partner. It was a very interesting fireside chat, she told me about bodyfulness. Keep reading to know about it!

Fireside Chat con Ubal Araque

(This post is written in Spanish) Tenemos un nuevo Fireside Chat, con una persona súper apasionada de la sexualidad: Ubal Araque que tiene siempre un montón de proyectos en marcha y es muy activo en las redes sociales.

We did t-shirts with dares...

We are back with good news!

We have been busy thinking about the next changes we want to bring to you from Desire. Find here some things you can expect from us that will come soon!