Badges, more than 50 to collect


Curious? Do you want to know more? Some of you asked us how you could get more badges. This is why we are releasing a new Badges screen! Now you can not only keep track of the badges you have but also you can see which one you still have left to earn and how to get them.

You can access the new Badges screen from the main menu, under the “Cool Stuff” section you’ll find “Your Badges”. From here you can keep track of all of your badges and compete against your partner to see who not only can get more points,  but more badges too. Every time you earn a badge it will appear in color, but until you earn them they will appear black and white.

This new Badges screen is available in the latest version of Android. If you have an iPhone keep in touch, we will be releasing this feature for iOS soon.


Do you want to send us your thoughts on the new Badges screen or new ideas to improve Desire? Please, feel free to reach us at and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

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