New Rules!

Currently you can only win points at Desire. But we want to make it more interesting and competitive. That’s why the new version of the App – we are releasing today both Android & iPhone – includes ways you can also lose points. Oops!


No worries, here we are going to tell you when you can lose points.

If your partner sends you a dare, you accept to do it and afterwards you ‘cancel’ the dare, you’ll lose the points your partner dared you for.

Let’s see it with an example.

You have 45 points. Your partner 40. You have an ongoing dare of 20 points but you cancel it after accepting it, then you will lose 20 points.

New score situation: You 25 points. Your partner 40.
The situation can radically change.

Note. You can always ‘decline’ a dare you don’t want to do. You’ll never lose points for that. Only if you ‘accept’ and then you ‘cancel’.


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