Abracadabra: Cast a spell!

We want to start the year with a magical touch. So, today we are introducing the ‘Cast a spell’ feature at Desire for Android.

Go to the menu and under ‘Cool Stuff’ you’ll find something new: ‘Cast a spell’. Currently you’ll find four types of spells, but this will be a growing list of magical things.

Some of you complained that your partner does not dare you. Well, now you can cast a Postulatio spell and your partner has 24h to send you a dare, otherwise your partner will lose 25 points. Yeah, this is becoming interesting.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to be surprised. You can cast your partner an Alea spell which will be sending a random dare to your partner from any category (within your level). Find out more by updating to the latest version!

We have been listening to your requests and our team has been working on adding new ways you can earn magic coins. The summary of it is: If you play, you get magic coins!

You can see the ways to get more magic coins by tapping on the submenu on the main screen. For example, for every 5 dares you send, you get 20 magic coins and for every 50 quickies you send, you get 20 magic coins too.

Hope you like this new update!

Do you want to tell us your thoughts and ideas to improve Desire for this new year 2016? Please, feel free to reach us at info@getdesireapp.com and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

Marta P.
Get Desire here

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