Write the next ‘Daily dare’

Good news for all of you that take part in the community! Android and iPhone couples. Right now, every time you send a dare to the community, we’ll double read it and if it is original, unique, well written, and simply awesome, we’ll pick it for the category ‘Daily dare’.

What does it mean? It means that it will be the only dare visible under the category ‘Daily dare’. It will be there for one day. But, dares listed under this category get a lot more views and you have more probabilities that someone sends it (and get magic coins).

Also, it is a good way to get followers! If couples see your dare and they like it, you have more chances they will follow you and later on, send more dares written by you.

So, get creative! We are looking forward to read your amazing dares.

Please, feel free to reach us at info@getdesireapp.com and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

Marta P.
Get Desire here

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