New avatars + Community Features

Hello couples!

The new version of Android is out. You’ll find new and exciting things. Let’s go one by one. First of all, we added new avatars, so you have a wider option to choose from:

Some of you emailed us saying that it would be more fair if the person sending the dare is the one saying that the dare was completed or not. So, from now on, when you send a dare if your partner accepts and does it, you’ll be the one marking it as ‘completed’. When your partner sends you a dare and you accept it, you will only be able to ‘cancel’ it, after accepting, of course.

We have been improving the community with new features!! We still have a lot to do here, but we’re working on it. So, what is new so far? Well, now when you write a community dare you decide how many points it deserve. You are the one writing it, so you know how many points goes with it. From 10 to 90 points depending how mild, spicy, hot or chili it is.

Also, we added a keyword search mechanism. Some of you were asking for that ‘How to search easily thru community dares’. Well, now you can type on the lens icon and type what you are looking for. For example: ‘hotel’, ‘naked’, ‘pool’, etc, then all dares related will show up. If you want to search for a specific user, then add the @ at the begging.

Hope you enjoy the new features!

Please, feel free to reach us at and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

Marta P.
Get Desire here


  1. Great app! Both my wife and I love it. Lots of fun. That being said it would be nice to be able to favorite some of the dares written. Thanks.
    P.S. You might consider reaching out to your users on category ideas. I have a few


    1. Thanks for sharing Darren! We are so happy that you and your wife love Desire and enjoy playing together. Thanks for your suggestion about being able to favorite dares that you write, I just added it to the list of things to talk internally. About category ideas, sure!! Please email us at and we can discuss about it.
      Thanks Darren!


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