Hello couples,

We have good news! We just added new badges you can earn by playing Desire with your partner. Take a look at them in your App menu, under MY BADGES. This is already available for Android and iOS!

Let’s see who is the first to win these new badges, you or your partner. I specially love these two new ones: Cupcake and Calendar. Cupcake is for those of you who are very sweeeet and keep sending ‘Bonus dulcis’ to your partner. Calendar is the badge for those of you who write great community dares that get featured under the ‘Daily dare’ category. Log into the App and discover what else is new!

What do you think about it? Please, feel free to reach us at and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

Marta P.
Get Desire here


  1. Hi!
    No, we can’t get all the badges since there are categorys in the badge section that doesn’t show in the category, for example: massage,bath time, sailng knots.there are also dares which we cant find…

    You are creating a wonderful game so we are very understandig and there are a lot of things to explore.


  2. Hi. My wife and I love this app. We are always playing. We have a question about the badges though it use to show how to earn each badge. Is it a glitch that it doesn’t anymore. And were can we get a list of how each badge is earned


    1. Hi RiverHippie,
      Thanks for your comment!
      First of all, Happy New Year!
      Happy to read that you and your wife love Desire. Yes, we changed that feature. Now we don’t say how you can earn a badge, so it’s surprise! You can try to guess them, but we prefer to give you a surprise when you get one 🙂
      You can always write us at
      Best wishes,


  3. 🙂 absolutely LOVING your app, though we definitely had some confusion about the badges. Perhaps a brief message telling users that descriptions will be unlocked with the badge would be helpful (for when we click on locked badges)?


    1. Hi Michael,
      Thank you very much for your comment, love that you love the app 🙂
      The reason why we didn’t add the message when you click on the badges, is that we want you get them as a surprise when it happens!! That brings you a little smile 🙂


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