Your dares under Desire’s categories

Hello couples!

We love the Desire Community! We really love it. You guys are amazing and incredible writers. If you are active in the community, THANK YOU! Thanks for your contribution. Couples love them. If one of your community dares has been published into the Daily Dare category, you have seen how many times it get sent, this normally is a big number. Your ideas bring love to other couples. Congratulations!

We have good news for writers of community dares! We decided that from now on, if you write a dare that is original, new, fresh and great, we’ll add it into the category it belongs to. Also, we are creating more categories with the best of the best from the community. Don’t miss them!

Do you want to know what makes a great and good dare? Desire is a game about love with the person you love. Please be kind, other couples will read your community dares, so please read the following guidelines in order to create dares that will be published into the Desire Community.

What do you think about it? Please, feel free to reach us at and connect with us on Twitter @desirefortwo

Marta P.
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  1. Hi!
    I can’t find any categories in the Community dares but it would be a good thing since its a bit difficult to navigate in the Community. Is this running in the Android version only?


    1. Hello!
      Thanks for your comment. Do you have Android or iPhone? We have a system to filter community dares (in the Android version, but still working in the iPhone one). Let me know if this is what you mean. Thanks!!!


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