Open casting call

Desire Technologies, Ltd

Audition description:
We are casting for 2 individuals for the “Lola and Rob” YouTube Show. The Show is a serie of Youtube talks about sex and sexuality, from emotions and fun perspective (not sexEd). Show will shoot for 3-6-12 months / 10 day increments.  Individuals with special skills, i.e. singer, model, dancer, etc, please advise on your submission reply.

You can cast as a couple (men & women) or alone. In case you come alone, we may assign you a partner for the casting.

English language.


Each Youtube video will be paid cash. Stock options will be as well available.
The casting itself is a non-paid audition, and the material recorded will be used only for the audition purpose.

Roles seeking:
Men and women

You can apply as an individual or already as a couple.
Dates: September 27th, 2016
Location: MOB, Bailen 11, Barcelona. Spain

Best of luck,


  1. I think you should do an older couple as well. Your app has help my husband and I tremendously, and I think it would help other older couples as well. We were going not just months, but years without sex and it almost destroyed our marriage. He ended up having an affair and with the help if forgiveness and making sex fun again we are doing better than ever and its been 27 years.

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