Halloween with new avatars

Hello couples!

We are happy to share with you that we are doing improvements and adding new things in the iOS version of Desire (coming soon!). You can already enjoy a new version with new Halloween avatars for Android and iOS.


Halloween is an amazing time for roleplaying and be another person with your partner. What do you want to be? A sexy pirate, a hot vampire? It is also cool to find a way to go with a couples’ costume like: Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace, Yin and Yang, Sven and Olaf, Woody and Jessie from ToyStory… the list goes and goes. Share your couples’ costume below!


We launched a new category for Halloween, where you can find dares and things to do before and during this fun day! Pick the ones you love and wait your partner to accept them. In bed what do you prefer, trick or treat?

Lets the game begin.

Please, feel free to reach us at info@desire.games and connect with us on
Twitter @desirefortwo
Facebook @desirefortwo
Instagram @desire.games

Marta P.
Get Desire here

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