5 Podcasts about love, relationships & sex

Hello couples!

Lately I have been listening to some podcasts about love, intimacy and sex and I thought that would be great to share them with you because they are worth listening when you are lying down on the sofa or on your way to work! I list them below:

Love is like a plant
In this podcast Ellen Huerta and Sarah May B talk about relationships, love and sex. I really liked the one below where they talked about how to keep the relationship fresh. I agree with them, when they say that having your own autonomy is a great way to keep desire, also having strong sense of yourself and identity and about creating space between you and your love one.


A to Z of sex
Dr. Lori works with people who want to find their perfect relationships, improve their existing relationships, transform their lives to follow their heart’s desire. In this podcast she goes through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time. It’s an interesting format!! I had the pleasure to meet and enjoy a cup of tea with Shula Melamed in NY City a few days ago, she is a relationship and wellness coach and here you can find her interview with Dr. Lori for Q is for Queer, where they speak about how the millennials seem to have more fluid ideas about gender, sexuality and relationship structure.

AtoZofSex - podcast relationship, intimacy, sex, love.png

Future of Sex
I had the pleasure to meet Bryony Cole last week in NY City as well, when she recorded the first live podcast of Future of Sex, which is the one below. She is lovely! And it’s great that she is getting together great women to talk about how the way we talk and we experience sex is changing. They talk about a variety of things from 50 Shades of Grey to intimacy connection, to porn. I really enjoyed it, and hope you do to!


Dirty Sexy Monogamy (DSM)

Mike and Gigi are a real couple and they share their own experiences about their own relationship. By sharing that with everyone the idea is to help make your relationship with your partner stronger, healthier and a whole lot sexier. This podcast is an open communication and uncensored real-talk about everything relationship. I found very sweet the episode below, were they explain a fight they had and how thru communication they understood each other. Love it.


I Do Podcast
Chase and Sarah interview successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. The idea behind that is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. The one I leave you here is an interview with Amie M. Gordon, PhD, a social psychologist who researches romantic relationships.


Hope you like these podcasts and you enjoy them!
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Marta P.
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