Hi couples!

We have been working on some new things to create a better Desire game for you. Here are some of these new things:

Now can see the past eLoves you have sent to your partner and the ones that your partner sent to you. If you shake your phone, you’ll see them under your #name and #yourpartner tag. You can also now see how many times you have sent each one. Some of you were asking about having an historic of the eLoves, well this is sort of an historic, plus you can re-send them!

We added new badges! Also, you have probably noticed (if you have the latest version of Android) that something new has pop-up below your avatar and your partner’s avatar. These are the badges that you and your partner have. If you click there, it will take you to the badges screen where you can see the ones you have, the ones your partner has and the ones that you still don’t have. The image of the badge is a clue for you to figure out how you can get it. Enjoy daring your partner while you get more badges!

We also added some changes, now when you ‘cancel’ a dare after being ‘accepted’, you don’t lose all points associated to it, you’ll lose 5 points. The same if your partner cancels a dare after being accepted, your partner will lose 5 points. We want you to get points, not to lose them 😉

We hope you like these features! Let us know your thoughts below.
Feel free to reach us at and connect with us on:

Twitter @desirefortwo
Facebook @desirefortwo

Marta P.
Get Desire and update to the latest version here

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