We are back with good news!

We did t-shirts with dares...

Hi couples!

I am happy to be back writing the blog. We have been busy thinking about the next changes we want to bring to you from Desire. So here are some things you can expect from us that will come soon:

  • More categories. Yes, we listen to you, so we’ll create more categories of dares. If you have ideas in mind about categories you’d like to see at Desire, email us! Write us at info@desire.games and we’ll try to make your wishes come true.
  • SexTech Talk. A few months ago, we organised the first SexTech Talk, a panel with sexologists, bloggers and sex toys manufacturers to discuss about technology and sexuality. It was great! It took place in Barcelona. After that, we have decided to organise a SexTech Tour of events in different cities. We’ll bring news soon. Stay tuned!
  • More Fireside Chats. We want to bring interesting topics on the table like that time we talked with Gigi Engle about living together or with sexologist Shula Melamed about creating possibilities.
  • Desire Community Webinar. It was time ago when we organised the first Desire Community Webinar where we invited authors to talk with us online about the Desire community, what they were missing and what the community means to them. We are thinking about organising the second one. What do you think?
  • More promotions! You have probably seen that we partner with different brands to bring you sexy products to play with your love one. You can find all the current promotions in the “Temporary promotions” tab at Desire app. We want to bring you new things, what would you like to see?

Write us at info@desire.games or comment this post to let us know your thoughts. We LOVE to listen what you have to say!

We did t-shirts with dares...
We made t-shirts with dares…

Thanks for being part of Desire!

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Marta P.
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