Ero Street Festival Barcelona

Hi couples!

Last weekend we had an amazing weekend full of talks, shows and panels about eroticism, sexuality and desires. What an incredible event, Laila from Sex Academy Barcelona and her team put together. Most of the links in this article will be in Spanish or Catalan, since these are local languages from Barcelona.


On Saturday morning I attended a panel called “SexBloggers: More Sex and Less Netflix” were I had such a great time discussing about how today’s technology affects our relationships and love life. Iria Ferrari was moderating this panel of incredible people. Thanks to everyone for the discussion. Panelists were: Laura Marcilla, psychologist and sexologist who had also prepared another talked about “Hugs”. Even though it couldn’t be done because of a tech issue, the “hug theme” has inspired us to think about a new category inside Desire called “hug me”. How do you see it? All dares about hugs!

Lara Herrero from SexoPositivo was also taking part of this conversation. I got to meet the sex blogger behind the mask of Miss Taboo and the erotic stories she shares online. Patxi from Va Por Nosotras podcastLa Mirilla de Cupido, that has written about Desire before; Alfred López who has recently written the book “Ya está el listo que todo lo sabe de sexo” and Yolanda Sánchez, erotic writer, were also there!

Then, I had the pleasure to meet Thais from Bajo el edredón and after a great coffee break where I meet and talk with great people, I run to the next talk about the science behind sex which was a very interesting talk by Pere Estupinyà. We normally talk from an emotional point of view about sex and intimacy, however he shared the data of how our brain works when we get aroused and what scientific studies tell us about sex.

After I grabbed something for lunch I went to Dominique Salm talk, that I have to say, was one of my fav. He explained about how we can touch our partner in a different way, more conscious. It reminded me a bit to the Fireside Chat with Irene Fehr and the bodyfulness she explained us.

From here I headed to Nerea Ortega from El Placer es Mío and her workshop about Erotic Photography. I could go on and on, because the day didn’t finish there and on Sunday there was more to see, to learn, to enjoy and to share.

Happy I got to see faces I use to see online and met people with interesting and great projects. We’ll mark our calendar for next year!

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Have a lovely week!

Written by Marta.


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