7 sexy date ideas for busy parents

Hi couples!

Some of you are parents and have a lot of things to do, but apart from parents, you are also lovers. Let’s get some sexy date night ideas to enjoy as lovers that you are:

1. Hotel night in town 
Yes. Get a nanny and book a night in a hotel night.


2. Bath at home
After your put kids to sleep, get into the bathroom and put some candles, get some drinks and enjoy a bath together.


3. Cooking together
Put some music and cook together dinner at home.


4. Take the car
and go somewhere for some fun inside the car.


5. Dinner out with sexy underwear
or no underwear…


6. Write down two options each
of two things you want to do, put a number on each and let the dice decide.


7. Get a new toy
to play together.



Hope you enjoy these ideas with your one. Download Desire to find more ideas (there are more than 60,000 dares in the app!). You can download Desire for FREE at Google Play and at the App Store.

Feel free to reach us at info@desire.games and connect with us on:

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Have a lovely day!

Written by Marta.


If you just landed here and you don’t know what is Desire, you can check out the Desire app here and download it for free.

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