Win $500 Worth of Intimate Tech to Reconnect

Hi couples!

Studies show that 58% of couples feel that technology affects quality time with their partner, so we have partnered up with the lovely team at MysteryVibe and Pillow Talk so you use technology to reconnect instead of disconnecting! We’ll be giving away Desire Platinum accounts too!

desire app giveaway

The giveaway is super simple – every time you share your link, you get points. As you get more points you get closer to using technology for more intimacy with your partner!

This giveaway is ONLY available until Sunday the 11th March, so give yourself the best chance of winning by signing up and sharing NOW!

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Win $500 Worth of Intimate Tech to Reconnect

42% discount on 18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs

Hello couples!

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. Yes! 2016 is almost history and we are happy to start this new year 2017 with great New Year’s Resolutions and with a great discount for a great and sexy product. Yes! We want to start the year playing. We like games so much and we like to have fun with our partner, so here it comes a 18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs from Unbound with a 42% off.

Keep reading, below you’ll find the 42% off discount code!

18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs from Unbound

This is the second time that we partner with Unbound to bring you a great product at a good price. When thinking about writing this post, I thought that could be interesting to know more about the team behind Unbound, so I asked Polly Rodriguez, the Co-founder of Unbound why she decided to start the company:

‘We started Unbound because we wanted there to be a place where women and couples can shop from a curated selection online without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. For first time shoppers, finding what you want in this category is not easy. You either have to scroll through hundreds of products or go in-person to a store, which can be intimidating.

For me personally, I learned how difficult shopping in this category can be after going through menopause at age 21 from radiation therapy for cancer. I had never shopped for a vibrator or lubricant before and trying to find what I wanted to try left me overwhelmed and intimidated. I wanted to create a sophisticated shopping experience akin to a beauty brand, not a truck stop on the side of the highway.’

They did created a sophisticated shopping experience. I have already mentioned that before, I love their site. I do. It feels nice looking at their products, I love the way they categorise them!
That’s Unbound beautiful online store!

The first time I talked with Polly, she asked me how did I find about them and why I contacted them. I told her that I was looking for brands that could be interesting for couples that play Desire and when I found their site, I felt in love with the way they present products. It makes me feel confortable.

2017 is a couple of day away, and instead of asking Polly about what she wants for Unbound this new year, I asked how does she see Unbound in about 5 years:

‘Unbound will be the dominate brand name name associated with sexual wellness. The company is working hard to become the place where women and couples can both access the information they need as well as shop for the products they need based on sexual interests and life stages. We also are vertically integrating quickly, with a new collection coming out in January of sexual accessories. In fact, the handcuffs we’re offering at a special discount for Desire users is one of our very first pieces!’

We are so excited that they decided to share with us this new collection of sexual accessories with a special discount for Desire couples for this gold stackable handcuffs that double as bangles!

18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs packaged in Unbound cool drawsting screenprinted with ‘There is freedom in restraint’

We have partnered with Unbound to offer you a 42% discount of the 18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs. You can go to their site and use the promo code: UnboundDesire42

Here you have the numbers for the 18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs:

Regular price: $38.00
Desire’s couples: $22.00
Discount: 42% off
Discount promo code: UnboundDesire42

This product is brought to you by Unbound. If you have any question regarding their products, please contact their amazing team.

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Marta P.
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42% discount on 18K Gold Bangle Handcuffs

Box Hechizo de Amor + 2 noches de hotel

Hola parejas,

Pronto llega la Navidad, por no decir que ya está aquí, y llegan también fin de año y ¡los Reyes! Un montón de magia en estado puro vaya. Como nos encanta la magia y todo lo que acompaña un buen momento erótico con la pareja – porque seamos realistas, esos momentos, tienen mucha magia… – os traemos esta súper Box Hechizo de Amor + 2 noches de hotel.

En Mi Sensual Box han creado, inspirados en los hechizos de Desire, esta box que incluye 5 productos + 2 noches de hotel para así exprimir, con la pareja, toda la magia de estas fechas y disfrutarla haciendo subir la temperatura.



  • Esposas de Satén de Bijoux Indiscrets, para atar pies y manos
  • Corazón con 21 retos eróticos
  • Pintura sabor cereza con pluma. Para trazar líneas sobre su cuerpo y…
  • Máscara de seda de Bijoux Indiscrets
  • Una receta de cóctel afrodisíaco

Las 2 noches de hotel nos parecen geniales para ir a probar la magia de todos los productos y jugar con todas las emociones que se pueden generar al cubrir los ojos de la pareja, al dejarse atar las muñecas o los tobillos, al pintarle a tu pareja su cuerpo para luego lamerlo todo, preparar un cóctel para calentar el ambiente y empezar a descubrir más retos…

Y como parte de esta magia, hemos acordado con Mi Sensual Box que que por ser pareja Desire tienes un 15% de descuento en la compra del Box Hechizo de Amor + 2 noches de hotel.

Precio: 39,95€
Precio para las parejas de Desire: 33,95€
Descuento: 15%
Código de descuento: DESIRELOVE

Este producto te lo ofrece Mi Sensual Box. Si tienes cualquier pregunta relacionada con el producto, por favor contacta directamente con su maravilloso equipo.

Para cualquier cosa relacionada con Desire, puedes escribirnos a y conectar con nosotros en:

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Marta P.
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Box Hechizo de Amor + 2 noches de hotel

Unbound promo code 20% off

Hello couples!

We are happy to bring you spicy news.
Christmas is around the corner and we’d love to recommend you something to make this holiday a very hot one. Maybe you are thinking about getting a spicy present for your partner? Well, we got a great place for you to find it: Unbound.

Keep reading, below you’ll find a 20% discount code!

At first, I have to say, I felt in love with their website, it is beautiful the way they organise their adults products and options.


Let’s start from the begging though, what is Unbound? They are a quarterly subscription box and a curated online shop with great sexual lifestyle products for women and couples alike. Founded by a group of women in New York City, Unbound aims to make great sex fashionable and accessible for all.

One of the things that I really like from them is not only their great products but also their give back commitment. Unbound donates 6.9% of all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.

So, let’s turn the heat on! What can you find in their online store? They are a subscription box, it means that if you sign up, you’ll get a box with adult products to your door step periodically. But they also have boxes with no subscription, like a Massage Box, The Booty Box, BDSM Box, Couples’ Beginners Box, Shower Box and others!


We have been looking at them and we found the perfect one for couples for this Christmas season: the Holiday Box!! We really like it and we believe you are going to like it too. I explain you about it below.

The Holiday Box includes 7 great products (plus an optional one, then it’s a 8 products box) for you and your partner to enjoy a sexy time during this Christmas season. Make merry and get up to some mischief with this Holiday Box!



Jingle Bell Nipple Clamps: Be there with bells on. Literally. These chic silver adjustable clamps deliver delightful compression sensation to the nipples and are decorated with festive jingle bells.

Unbound Pinwheel Ornament: This shiny ornament masks a kinky surprise- namely a bdsm pinwheel that can be rolled gently over the skin for titillating sensations and light pain/pleasure play.

Good Clean Love Guilty Pleasure Personal Lubricant: This organic, aloe-based lube evokes the holidays with the spicy-sweet scents of cinnamon and vanilla.

Pandora’s Pop: This holiday shaped candy is infused with aphrodisiacs that’ll warm you up faster than that glass of egg nog and with way fewer calories.

Merry Christmas Bag: Store all your new goodies in a festive AF bag.

Holiday Sex Notes: No one has time to wait around under the mistletoe. Make the first move with these holiday themed sex notes.

Door hanger: Let em know you wanna Scrooge with this cute holiday door hanger.

Candy Cane Dildo (optional): This novelty candy cane shaped dildo is made of beautiful glass and has a smooth texture for wonderful internal stimulation. A great toy to play with your partner.

Just going over them, a few dares’ ideas come to my mind. With all these products, I am sure you’ll have a few ideas to send your partner some steamy dares and some romantic ones during this Christmas time, won’t you?


So, here it comes a cool thing about the price. We have partnered with Unbound to offer you a 20% discount of the Holiday Box or any other box you like in their online store. You can go to their site and use the promo code: UnboundDesire20

Here you have the numbers for the Holiday Box:

Regular price: $26.00
Desire’s couples: $20.80
Discount: 20% off
Discount promo code: UnboundDesire20

This product is brought to you by Unbound. If you have any question regarding their products, please contact their amazing team.

For anything related to Desire, please feel free to reach us at and connect with us on:

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Marta P.
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Unbound promo code 20% off